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Structural Integration

Ida Rolf and the Two Paradigms

A lengthy and well researched article by Sam Johnson on the early years of Ida Rolf that traces the evolution of the medical establishment in America and how Dr. Rolf was at the forefront of that movement.


On Karma-Yoga

Think you don't have time for a spiritual program. Maybe it's time to consider Karma-Yoga, the spiritual program you can practice every minute of every day, while doing your normal everyday routine.


Parents Need to Hash Out Dinner Wars

A newspaper column by John Rosemond that discusses the necessity of parents to be spouses first and parents second.


Autism Linked to Sunshine?

This newspaper article from the LA Times reports on a study that found that rates of autism is correlated to weather.

Mom Was Right, Sunshine is Good For You?

This newspaper article from the LA Times reports on a research studies correlating lack of Vitamin D to higher rates of heart attacks in males.

Vitamin D May Affect Breast Cancer

This Associated Press article looks at the evidence that low Vitamin D in the bloodstream may contribute to breast cancer.


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