Neal E. Winblad, LMFT (CA License No. LMF 28183)

Questions You Might Have

Picking a Therapist

  • What populations I work with
  • My modalities & therapy techniques
  • My stance on psychotropic medications
  • How to choose a therapy style—can they all be right?

Unsure about therapy?

  • Isn't therapy feminizing to men?
  • Do therapists just repeat back to me everything I say, and then say, “tell me more?”
  • How can just talking about my problems make a difference?
  • Does therapy lead to blaming everyone else for your problems?

Marriage & Relationship Issues

  • My partner won’t go to a marriage counselor. Would it do any good to go by myself?
  • How I work with couples or with individuals who want to understand their partner better
  • What makes marriages fail and how are they rescued?
  • Why is the divorce rate so high these days?
  • Is divorce something that happens with a lot of your clients?
  • Why are good relationships so hard to find?

Payment for Services

  • Do you take insurance?

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